The Best DIY Furniture Ideas For You


Buying new pieces of furniture can be very costly. Instead of going for a loan to acquire new furniture you can create your own using the locally available materials. However, before you think of the same you need to know some of the best furniture designs on the market so that you do not end up with something odd. In our discussion below, we have outlined for you some of the best DIY furniture ideas that will help you greatly.

DIY-BookcaseThe DIY bookcase

The pottery Barn inspired bookcase features modified bottoms for easy storage of books. To design it you have to begin by cutting a pure bond into the 15  inches boards. To come up with the curvy top you can scrap a piece of wood and then proceed to cut it out with the help of a jigsaw. After that, you can use the template to design different patterns on each of the four sides of the bookcase. For the shelf support, use the gorilla wood and some finish nails to fix them. In addition, instead of rounding its front part, cut them at an angle of 45 degrees. In case you are using plywood then you will have a rough edge at the end of the process. You can make the edges smooth by banding then iron out before cutting out the extra piece. Once you through then you have a permanent solution to your storage problem.

The coffee table DIY

diy-coffee-table-accessoriesI saw the coffee table DIY at my brother’s house and I must say it was quite very elegant. Start by making small holes on the bottom of your table. You can design the 1  inches pocket holes while for the 1 x 3 slats you can have  inches pocket holes. Adjusting the kreg jig would not be a difficult task once you have made the holes at the right place. Attach the top slats with the help of a Ryobi Brad Nailer. The last step involves finishing where you can stain the table with any of your favorite colors. As you do ensure that, it complements the other pieces of furniture within your house to maintain that attractive look.

A magnetic board to act as the student’s desk

DSC_0005The modification of a magnetic board to form a student’s desk will definitely add value to your home. Begin by cutting two galvanized metal sheets to obtain two equal halves. In case the sheets have wrinkled edges place them on a hutch so that edges with wrinkles lie at the top and then nail its trim to have them covered completely. Up to this point, your board can act as a desk for studies.

In Summary, DIY furniture can enable you to live comfortably even with a low income. Most of these pieces of furniture apply materials within the locality and designing them is easy. You can modify different furniture to serve more than one purposes. For example, you can have the television stand acting as a bookshelf. Apart from the ideas outlined above, you can check on our website for more information on DIY furniture-refresh your old ideas or build completely new furniture.