Make your own standing desk for your Home Office

Many people these days would setup their own home office, especially those who are so busy and needs to bring their work at home. Or simply because they work online and working stay at home. With that, you really need to make sure that you’ve set up your home office in a most efficient way possible.

For instance, you might have the most amazing office chair anyone could own, yet there will also be times that you need to stretch out and stand. That’s when you’d find a standing desk handy. Having a standing desk would mean a lot for you. This is something that most people don’t really understand.

Why Use Standing Desk?

Sitting for longer hours a day can be very stressful, and painful. You’ve got those backaches, neck pains and bad posture even. Thus, having a standing desk will save you a lot from all those pains. Working on a standing desk provides far more benefits than you can imagine.

First, it relieves stress and protects your spine. Since you are standing straight while working on your standing desk, your spine is positioned properly and thus, prevents you from having back pains. Also, working on a standing desk promotes proper posture. No slouching at all. You’ll have a good chance to do some stretching especially on your leg area. Working while stretching, how about that?

Having a standing desk doesn’t actually mean that you ditch a traditional desk. You can consider your standing desk a good backup. You can even make your regular desk adjustable so you can transform it into a standing desk whenever you need to. Of course, you still need the best office chair.

Make your Own

Your first reaction, make my own standing chair? That’s hard, don’t know how. Guess what, making your own standing desk may not be as hard as you think. Unless you’re really a pro when it comes to building things. But for those who have the skills or even just the guts to do it, making one for you may not be that hard.

First things first, you’d be needing lots of measuring.   You need to consider your height, your size entirely. By doing so, you’ll have the idea of the actual size and measurement of your desk. Then, it’s time to think about the materials. If possible, make list of the all things that you need, from wood to bolts.

So you need to prepare a good base, the legs and the actual table top. If you know what a desk looks like, then you sure know how to assemble everything. The keys to having a good quality desk are the materials used, and most of all, exact measurement. Imagine having a disproportioned desk? That could be a disaster.

Finally, make sure that you have the right tools to do it. The basic tools like hammer, saw, nails, bolts, etc. And pair it with the right knowledge and skills. You’ll sure come up with a seamless, balanced and durable standing desk.