Make your own pellet gun targets

Shooting a pellet gun is fun activity itself.  Ah, but sometimes finding a good target out in the field can be a hard job.  So, how about you make your own targets.  It is fun and you will feel rewarded by the money you would have saved.  Let me share some ideas for homemade gun targets with you.

Characteristics of a good pellet gun target

You can also try with a pellet trap as a target.  Now, the main characteristics that any good pellet gun target must have include durability and versatility.

It has to be durable since it is going to get beaten constantly, unless, of course, you have a poor aim.  It must be versatile in that should allow shooting from different distances and angles.

It must be functional and long-lasting as well.  One great idea of a pellet trap is that they are silent.  This is a great option if you want to practice your shooting indoors.

The best material for pellet gun target

The truth is that it is your decision what material to use as target.  If you have gone to the carnival, you probably notice the background is made of cardboard.  You can perfectly make a target out of cardboard.  It has the advantage of being durable.

If you do not want to see the effects of the pellets on your target, you should go with iron or steel.  Use any object made of this metal and you should be good to go.  You can try using hanging spoons or cans.  They are actually fun to knock out.

We do not recommend using plastic, styrofoam or any other soft fabric.  Pellets may embed in them and make it nearly impossible to remove them.

Do it yourself

So when it comes to doing it yourself, pellet gun targets are not too difficult to make.  The ideas seem to be of limitless imagination.

If you want to make a trap, you can perfectly get a box, put some duct tape putty at the bottom and the target at the opening and you have yourself a silent pellet trap.

If you are lucky on budget, you can make your own cradle with different targets, even movable ones.   One novel idea was to put nails on a large stud.  Then push potatoes into the nails or screws.  Spray paint the potatoes just to make them look nicer.  There you have a nice target with biodegradable material.  And lots of fun too!

The rifle

Now, if you are looking for a great and versatile pellet gun to play with, I recommend the Gamo Silent cat air rifle.  Check it out and find out why it is the best rifle you could get.