Make your own outdoor stone patio

Got some landscaping plan? And you want to have your own outdoor stone patio? That would mean a lot of work really. However, nothing is too hard as long as you have the right ideas and tools to begin with. For this one, let’s try to check some of the ways for you to be able to make your own outdoor stone patio the best way possible.


Getting Started

The main thing about building a stone patio is to have and concise plan about what you want to achieve. You can never create something great if you don’t have a goal to begin with. So in getting started make sure to make an actual design plan. That would mean knowing what pattern and style you want. There are so many easy to install patterns such as the running bond, which obviously doesn’t need special skills to do it.

Next is to consider the area. It is important that you know the exact parameter for the patio. A good start is to stake and mark the entire area. That way you will have the brief idea of the space that you need to cover. You should know that there would be a lot of cleaning, digging, excavating and filling jobs to do. So it is important that you already have a final measurement.

Then you have to start to check on where you are going to buy or get the stones that you are planning to use. You really need to shop around first for you to make proper comparisons, not only on the quality and types of the stones to use but most of all, the price.


Get the Job Done

After making all the necessary preparations, it’s time to get the job done. You have chosen the area, get the measurement, staked and got the stones that you want to use. What’s left is to make sure that you properly and securely install them. As mentioned, there might be some digging and filling works to do. So be ready for that. Unless you hire a Landscape Design Vancouver and let them do all these stuff?

So you start by laying the stone properly. This process needs you to wear some protective gloves, of course. That’s where you have to start following the pattern that you want. Remember to always start on the edges especially the ones neat a wall. Edges first going towards the middle. A lot of adjusting and moving needed. So better be patient with the process. You also need to use sand to adjust and the help of a rubber mallet.

If you are having a hard time keeping the stones aligned properly, you need to use some to keep them in place. At times, you will need to do some cutting jobs to adjust and fill in some smaller spot. Make sure that you have the idea about how to do it safely and properly. After laying everything in place, use a sand to fill in the small gaps between. For better bond, you’ll need to use polymeric. Make sure that everything is dry and in place.