How to Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

We got you a new amazing DIY project to make your backyard even more manly.  Because who didn’t play beer pong at parties in college?  Introducing the DIY beer pong table.  Wait, actually, this is a DIY beer pong table for cheap.

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You are probably thinking right now that probably any table will do.  But then, what is the fun in that?  This tradition and cultural activity requires an element build specifically for it.  The game deserves it.  So let’s get our hands ready to build a beer pong table.

Next thing to come to mind is, why not just buy it?  You can find them an actual low price, right?  Yes, you probably can, but usually, a low price tag comes with low quality.  In the end, you might wind up paying more money for repairs.  So, let’s just get it right from the beginning.

The Real Beer Pong Table

You probably played the game at a frat party back in college.  Back then, they’d just set up a ping-pong table with cups and all and game on!

Now, did you know that the beer pong table has official dimensions and that there is even a tournament?  Yes, so if you want to really nail it in your backyard, you oughta get those dimensions straight.

The official dimensions of a table are  8′ x 2′ x 27.5″.  Some tables in the market might add a couple more inches to the 27.5″.  There are even official dimensions for the cups, but let’s not push it too far at risking the fun.

What You Will Need

These are the materials you might need:

  • A piece of plywood (8×4).  This should not be too expensive.  If the retailer offers a price any higher than $20, tell them you need it for a beer pong and that you do not need fine quality wood.
  • Saw
  • Duct tape.
  • Waterproof sealant.
  • Paintbrush

You can perfectly use an old table for this one.  All you need to do is saw off the plywood board unto the appropriate size.  Place it on the table, which ideally should not relatively be too small to avoid tipping over.

You must secure the board to the table.  Use some duct tape to do this.  Make sure that the board is perfectly flat on the table.  If you will no longer use this old table for anything else but beer pong, then you might probably just nail the board to it.

Now, you need your board to be waterproof, otherwise, it will damage from humidity and beer that might fall on it.  Apply some waterproof sealant, paint, or stain and apply with the paintbrush.  Wait until the sealant is completely dry before using your table.

Let the Ball Pong!

Now, the above DIY is the simplest one you can make.  It is fast and it does not require too many tools.  Now, of course, you can always build your own foldable that will require a circular saw, nails, and a lot more stuff.

We just think that, if you want to keep it easy and fast, cheaper is probably better.  Now get those cups and ping-pong balls and break it down in that party.