How to Install Your Own Blinds

Installing window blinds can get a bit confusing. But if you follow these simple steps, you should not have any problem. Of course, the other option is to have somebody else do the job for you.  But why not save some bank and do the job yourself.

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Connor, who owns a blinds company in Calgary told us that the process of blinds installation is actually easier than one might think and, the best part, doing it by yourself saves you some dollars.

Getting Started

Blinds usually come with an instructor’s manual for easy installation.  Read this manual carefully before installing.  The required skills for installing this really come down to if you know how to screw or not.   It is a very simple process that can be done by anyone.

All you will need for this job is an electronic screwdriver (or a regular one) and some screws, which usually come with the blinds.

Here’s What You Do

  1. Insert the cube-shaped brackets int the inside corners of your window.  One of the two open ends must face outward and the other one towards the other corner of the window.
  2. Fit in the blinds unit so that the string parts are facing towards the room.
  3. As directed by the manual, attach the long plastic wand to the blind controller.
  4. Now comes the process of shortening the blinds to fit the length of your window.  Drop the blinds in order for them to hang as far as they go.  Remove the plastic retaining tabs from the bottom piece.  Slide out the larger bottom and cut it to the desired length.  Place the plastic retaining back under the last rung.


Blinds come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  There are some blinds that actually are shades, draperies, or shutters. The processes to install each one of them vary slightly among types but the essentials are basically the same.


Once your blinds are installed you must be mindful of the accumulation of dirt in them. Dust is pretty easy for it to get into the runners in your blinds.

Periodic cleaning will be necessary to keep these blinds intact.  Make sure the strings are not within the reach of children.

How to use your Brand New Blinds

Blinds are very useful when you want to completely cover all that light that strikes through the window very early in the morning.  But you notice that the material they are made of is not too strong or sturdy.  That is because they were meant to resemble drapes and look not too firm.

But this also means that you should give them proper maintenance by cleaning them periodically and with non-abrasive solvents.

As with installation, always include a safety bolt that you attach to the wall to avoid little children getting entangled in it.  Try not to force the blinds when rolling them up or having them fall down. Pay attention to any installation detail you might catch and have your family treat them nicely.