Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

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Is not the dream to one day buy a lottery ticket, hit the jackpot, win a $102 million price and not have to worry about anything?  Well, you can do that.  Just keep in mind that winning that kind of money through lottery does not require any skill at all.  All you need to be is lucky….VERY lucky!

Just to give you an idea, your odds of hitting the popular Mega Millions multi-state lottery are 1 in 175,711,536.  That is a one in an almost $176 million chance to win.  Obviously, the odds are not in your favor in this one.

But you really need the money and the 9-to-5 is not cutting it anymore.  Your dead-end job is slowly sucking the life out of you and you are tired of getting up at the same a.m. every day.  Luckily for you, the Internet not provides for several ways to make money, serious money.

Now, although these methods are legitimate and can get you some real money, we will rule out anything that has to do with stripping in front of a camera, selling illegal stuff, or gambling.  We will show you real and decent ways of making the cash flow straight into your bank account.  The best part is that all you need is a computer, Internet, and a masseuse.   Ok, you can spare the masseuse at least until you make enough money to afford one.

Some Thoughts

Now, a short word of warning before we start with these three legitimate ideas.  Make sure that whatever site you enter in to participate in their money-making business is verifiable.  If you are required to enter an account or credit card number, make sure this site is protected by HTTPS.

There are too many fad ads out there that promise you to cash in a real loot.  These are usually sites that will require for you to enter your information and they are actually subscriptions to your phone.  That being said, guide yourself by the following premise:  If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

If a money-making program promises to earn $400/day, it is probably a phony.  There are two options here:  You can probably earn that, but that is the “up to”, meaning that the site is suggesting that if you dedicate years to it, you will end up getting that amount of money.  The other option can be that it is only inflating numbers in order for them to appear more appealing.

Ok, now that we have cleared the air there, let’s go to our list of easy ways to make money from home.

Make Money with What You Have

I will be including here two very simple ways of using what you already have to cash in real money.  If you have a car, use it to ride other people or even for a rental.  There are several ways to make money with your car.  Now before you decide, factor in depreciation of your car against potential income.

The most known way of making money with your car is Uber.  But there are other services such as MyFreeCar.com, BrandYourCar, Lyft, RelayRide, and FlightCar that will also pay you for using your car.

The second way of cashing in is by listing and extra room with AirBNB.  This works if you have an extra room or if you are traveling for a week or so.  You can make money with that extra room or your entire home.

Do Online Surveys

Companies worldwide want to hear your opinion on their products and they are willing to pay you for it.  There are several legitimate surveys for money out there to help you cash in some bucks.  You do not need any experience, you can do it while you are performing other activities and at whatever time you want.

Start a Blog

Is there something you love to do and would like to help others get the hang of it?  There are people out there who want to hear your expertise.  You can monetize your blog when it generates enough traffic through Google AdWords or any other type of publicity.  There are several other ways to monetize your blog that you can try.