How to DIY Balayage at Home

There’s a new hairstyle that’s showing up everywhere though to call it new isn’t correct. Balayage has been around since the 1980’s. it’s a French word that means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’ and it’s becoming popular with men as well. This is thanks largely to its appearance on many A-list Hollywood stars. If you’re thinking of getting some highlights then this is a great choice. It’s quite easy to do at home and looks awesome when pulled off right. While the DIY result is pretty easy to do and is what I’m going to show you here – for best results see a hair salon which will guarantee best results.  For a balayage in Vancouver, you can find some great salons which will get you a great look.

Balayage – What is it?

To first start off let’s get a better understanding of what balayage exactly is. Unlike regular highlights which are saturated all the way through to the tips, balayage is only lightly applied to the top layer, hence the name for ‘to paint’. Since it’s only lightly applied the effect is very subtle and blends in with the rest of your hair. With balayage you won’t get the stark contrast you get with normal highlights, instead, you’ll get a sort of sunburned look as though you’ve been in the tropics for the summer.

Another great thing about it is its very low maintenance. So long as you use a color protecting shampoo and touch it every few weeks it will keep its effect for months without having to do a full restyle.

How to do it yourself.

If you feel confident enough to do it yourself then follow these steps.

You will need the following materials before starting:

  • Either a paddle hairbrush or a comb (depends on whether your hair is long or short)
  • An Ombre or Balayage kit
  • A deeply moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Heat protective spray
  • A hairdryer

Step 1.

Open the balayage kit and begin mixing the bleach. Make sure to use gloves when mixing. If you have shoulder length hair it’s also a good idea to cover your shoulders so as not to get any bleach on them.

Step 2.

Take your hairbrush or comb and apply the bleach to the bristles. When using a comb apply the bleach evenly on both side at one end of it. Then begin to lightly and gently brush through your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. Depending on how heavy you want the dye to be you can go a little harder in other parts like the front. Just try not to saturate it too much. Be a little creative and add it wherever you want lighter areas.

Depending on the dye your using give it about 30min to set. The longer you leave it in the more it will brighten so make sure to carefully read the instructions on the kit you bought.

Step 3.

Rinse, dry and repeat as needed.  Apply the heat protective spray before you blow-dry each time. Once you’re happy with it go out and enjoy your new look. Check out this great video to see how it’s done

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Handy Tools for Outdoor Work

If you consider yourself a handy person who has some experience in a trade, building things, renovating your home, or landscaping your property, chances are you have a lot of tools. I don’t find any problem with owning a surpluss of tools, but given this is my living, I also don’t have a problem with alotting tons of space to store my tools.

I’m fortunate to live on the outskirts of a city in relatively large house, allowing for easy storage of all my equipment. However, for many young people these days, owning a large property just isn’t possible. Either you need to live in the core of a city where the work is aplenty but property is limited, or you find a fixer-upper somehwere outside the city, providing you with a large property at an affordable cost. The latter requires a lot of work, but for many, this can also be a lot of fun and eventually take on the form of a hobby. In this article, we would like to briefly discuss some of the most versatile tools for outdoor work, which will hopefully allow you to get started on your projects without spending too much on equipment.


Many people that are just starting to get into handywork and who hear the word “chainsaw” often picture lumberjacks sawing down huge trees, as well as dollar signs. Of course, if you plan on doing just this, then you will need a larger chainsaw that will likely be quite expensive. However, for many applications, smaller and cheaper chainsaws can get a lot of jobs done. Are you clearing small trees from a property, need to break logs into segments, or want to quickly sweep through a range of bush? A small chainsaw could be a highly practical item to consider.


Similar to a chainsaw, smaller spades can serve a lot of purposes, but if you need to do lots of hard digging, go for a taller spade that won’t require so much bending. Your tools are only as good as your ability to use them, so if you’re laid up on the couch with a bad back all the time, you won’t be very productive. A small spade is nice to have as a bonus item, and they are way better for storage, but a standard shovel will save your back in lots of cases.


Axes are one of the most essential outdoor tools, and are way cheaper than chainsaws. Like everything else we discussed so far, they can come in many different sizes, but they also range in styles. A small tactical axe, which tends to look like a tomahawk, can offer portability and durability, but less power than a standard axe. The standard axe is usually cheaper, heavier, more powerful, and realistically, doesn’t take up that much room in storage anyway, so if you’re only going ot get one, we would go with the latter.

Durable and Waterproof Clothing

We know these aren’t “tools”, but we mentioned before that your tools are only as good as your ability to use them. Additionally, when working outdoors, there are many other safety factors to consider, as you now have to inorporate the elements and many different types of terrain (maybe even wildlife!). Briefly here are our most essential items:

A rugged GPS watch is always good to have if you’re working in the outdoors, particularly if you’re far away from home. You likely won’t need the GPS capability, but you will certainly need top-notch durability, and these features are often found together. A moisture-wicking hat is crucial to avoid heat stroke on hot sunny days. While light moisture-wicking clothing can keepp you cool and dry, if the weather changes rapidly, it’s always good to have a backup plan. In this case, we suggest considering a waterproof and insulative shell jacket. Lastly, but certainly not least, are boots. Boots are extremely important. Comfort comes first, as this will help ensure you can manage walking long distances and simpley wearing them for prolonged periods. Find a pair with lots of grip, and if you can manage it, steel toes, and your feet will thank you!


By no means will this list of tools be all you ever need for outdoor work. However, if you’re looking to get a few things to start working on a property or other outdoor area, and you don’t know exactly where those projects will take you, these tools offer versatility that will come in handy at some point.

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Create your Own Pellet Gun Target Shooting Practice Range

Are you into target shooting? Where do you normally practice? What if you set up your own shooting practice range at home? Setting up a home shooting practice range at home has become very popular these days. You don’t have to go somewhere else to practice shooting. It saves you time, energy as well money.

If you think it’s that hard to create your own pellet gun target range at home think again. All you need is a good space area, a bit of patience, budget and a good idea how to get started. In order to help you further, let’s check out some of the best ideas in setting up a home shooting range.

Target Shooting

As you know, target shooting might be fun, but it requires extra cautiousness when it comes to safety. Pellet guns may not be as powerful as the real one, but it would still hurt. Since target shooting would involve bursting or firing a pellet gun, you’ve got to be careful with everything. When you fire a gun, you have to be conscious about where the pellets will end up.

For seasoned target shooters, they definitely have the right ideas about handling their pellet guns right. For beginners however, it is important that you try to study or learn the basics first. Target shooting is not just about shooting. There are more to that than just hitting your target. Conside
r the handling techniques and safety. Not to forget about the laws and regulations that go with owning and shooting a pellet gun in your area.

Create your Own Target Shooting Range

In order to get started creating your own shooting range, make sure that you have a good location and enough area space to do so. For pellet guns, the ideal range distance is 10 meters. You might also need to put some extra distance for backer boards. Meaning, you really need to have enough space to begin with.

Once you’ve decided where you are able to put up a shooting range, then start planning for your traps. Though pellet guns may not be as powerful, ricochets may still occur. Thus, you have to set up your pellet traps right. The standard is four feet from the ground. But you can always go more than that for extra protection. And to avoid pellets to off and hit someone outside the range.

Next is to setup a good lighting and targets. Your target range should be flexible. You should be able to play during the day or the night. When creating targets, make sure that they illuminates for clearer view. You also need to put a good shooting table. You need to have something where you are able to put your gun, and all the other stuff that you need. Your targets and your table should at least coincide which each other.

Creating your own shooting range to practice at home is not that hard. You just need to be creative and hardworking. Check out some of the DIY tips online to get started.


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Easy Landscape Design For Your Own Backyard

Parterre2Creating a landscape design can be a very hard task, even for professionals, much less anyone who does it on their own. This project gets even harder once you try to factor in a budget that doesn’t really allow you some headroom for a lot of options in the elements and materials that you can use.

Small budget landscaping requires simple and creative ideas, as well as, enough knowledge about design to be able to pull it off. It can cause apprehension on your part thinking about it, but, don’t worry too much because many DIY people have done and shared it online.

A very popular story was that one by Di Zock, a producer based in Hollywood. She was able to design an office, dining area, and shed in her small backyard. With a lot of patience and some slipcovers and paint, her work came out beautifully and it cost her less than $3,000.

Many backyard owners use the space as a garden for family. But you can add design elements to it and feature it as a beautiful part of the house with a little work. This small project can last up to two weeks depending on the kind of design you’re building.Building_a_swingset

Shopping for materials can also take longer than expected because you small landscape budget would limit you to closing-out sales and scouring thrift shops that already have limited options. However, approaching your materials shopping creatively can lead you to create unique design elements by combining scrap materials together.

It won’t always come out perfectly at first. You have to commit to try to mix and match and work with what you got. If you’re successful in doing so, the personal touch you added to your work can be just what you need to create an original landscape design.

For starters, it would be great to find landscape design/s you like to take inspiration from online. Take the elements you like and interpret it in your own design. It doesn’t matter if it was a high budget project. Use your imagination to reimagine them with the low-cost materials you’re using.

When you go scouring for materials to use for your landscaping you might come across some materials that you like but you don’t have any idea how it’d fit in your initial plans. If it fits your budget, go ahead and buy it anyway. The fact that you chose it means it fits your personality and since your design should have a personal touch you can incorporate it later on once everything comes together.

Design items like pots and cans can be bought for the cheap if you buy them from junk shops or on sale. Just splash some paint on them and they’ll look like new. Make them look like they were made for your own backyard.

A space should have a beautiful flooring to act as a base for the design and you can search for recycled rugs that would make your design stand out or you can make your own using used materials. Dress up your backyard the right way.

Don’t forget to add your own ideas in certain elements of the landscaping. Think of using unique nursery boxes, used tiles, and other plant decorations to add a personal touch. Allow yourself to be imaginative and creative to glam out your home in your own way.

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The Best DIY Furniture Ideas For You


Buying new pieces of furniture can be very costly. Instead of going for a loan to acquire new furniture you can create your own using the locally available materials. However, before you think of the same you need to know some of the best furniture designs on the market so that you do not end up with something odd. In our discussion below, we have outlined for you some of the best DIY furniture ideas that will help you greatly.

DIY-BookcaseThe DIY bookcase

The pottery Barn inspired bookcase features modified bottoms for easy storage of books. To design it you have to begin by cutting a pure bond into the 15  inches boards. To come up with the curvy top you can scrap a piece of wood and then proceed to cut it out with the help of a jigsaw. After that, you can use the template to design different patterns on each of the four sides of the bookcase. For the shelf support, use the gorilla wood and some finish nails to fix them. In addition, instead of rounding its front part, cut them at an angle of 45 degrees. In case you are using plywood then you will have a rough edge at the end of the process. You can make the edges smooth by banding then iron out before cutting out the extra piece. Once you through then you have a permanent solution to your storage problem.

The coffee table DIY

diy-coffee-table-accessoriesI saw the coffee table DIY at my brother’s house and I must say it was quite very elegant. Start by making small holes on the bottom of your table. You can design the 1  inches pocket holes while for the 1 x 3 slats you can have  inches pocket holes. Adjusting the kreg jig would not be a difficult task once you have made the holes at the right place. Attach the top slats with the help of a Ryobi Brad Nailer. The last step involves finishing where you can stain the table with any of your favorite colors. As you do ensure that, it complements the other pieces of furniture within your house to maintain that attractive look.

A magnetic board to act as the student’s desk

DSC_0005The modification of a magnetic board to form a student’s desk will definitely add value to your home. Begin by cutting two galvanized metal sheets to obtain two equal halves. In case the sheets have wrinkled edges place them on a hutch so that edges with wrinkles lie at the top and then nail its trim to have them covered completely. Up to this point, your board can act as a desk for studies.

In Summary, DIY furniture can enable you to live comfortably even with a low income. Most of these pieces of furniture apply materials within the locality and designing them is easy. You can modify different furniture to serve more than one purposes. For example, you can have the television stand acting as a bookshelf. Apart from the ideas outlined above, you can check on our website for more information on DIY furniture-refresh your old ideas or build completely new furniture.

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