DIY pest removal – traps, repellants and more that you can make yourself

Getting rid of pests is a skill that most of us should have.  There is a high chance that at least at one point in our lives we will have to come face to face with a relentless pest.  Our first thought when such thing happens is to run for the exterminator.  It is not the most cost-effective solution necessarily because pests can come back or not completely eliminated.

Every visit from pest control is costing you money.  Now, you see the natural world has its own ways of finding balances within various ecosystems.  This is why I believe that if pests are a natural thing, they can be fought naturally, without the need of hazardous substances.

Let’s quickly go over some DIY pest removals.  The best part is that you can do them with products that you already have at home.

Understanding pests

One thing we need to understand about pests is their mechanism of survival.  In simple words, if something is likable to an animal, he will be lured to it, even if it poisonous (he doesn´t know that).  On the other hand, if there is something that a critter does not enjoy, then he will walk away from it, no questions asked.

You should also decide if what you want is to repel the creature of actually kill it.  This will determine the type of trap that you will set up.  If you want to kill the animal, then consider using humane ways.  For example, a snap-type trap kills the mouse instantly instead of the slow painful death of a bait.

Some animals you maybe do not want to disappear since they actually have an important ecological niche.  For instance, if you have a pest of mice or cockroaches, the basic rule is that the ecosystem is ok without them.  However, you would not kill a raccoon, a deer, or a squirrel.  In these cases, the best way to go is to repel them.

Make your backyard pest-free

Keep your yard clean and free from anything that will attract unwanted visitors. Keep your garbage cans closed.  Chop off hanging branches as critters can use those to climb to your house.  Some very common repellents that you can use to ward off little mammals such as raccoons and chipmunks are ammonia and mothballs.  You can apply or place those in your attic or any other place where you have seen these undesirable ones at.

Repelling the tiny bugs

To keep bugs from entering your home, follow the standard procedures of keeping your house clean, water leaks repaired,  sealed containers, etc.

You can also elaborate some products to eliminate tiny pests.  An all-purpose can be made with 1 gallon of water and 2 tablespoons of liquid peppermint castile soap.

Sprays based on essential oils are also very effective at repelling mosquitoes or any other flying insect.

Remember, if you are having a pest removal issue,  maybe calling professionals is also a good way to go.  Just make sure they use green products and will not affect you or your family.