How to create your own simple app

A mobile app will help connect your business with your customers in a more efficient and practical way.  This is definitively the kind of leverage that you want.  Even though it might seem like complicated, creating your own simple app is easier than what you think.

We will take you know through some tools that can help you create your app.  You do not really need to have any knowledge on coding or app development.  All you need is the willingness to spend some time putting parts together until you produce a stunning product.

Set your goal

This is the part where you decide what is your app going to do and what concrete problem is it going to solve.  Setting a goal will help you get to the completion of your app easier.

Make a sketch

This is where you lay the foundation for your app’s interface.  Here you visualize the components and parts of your application and how these are going to be placed in your app.  A good sketch helps your team better visualize what it is that they are building.

Research everything regarding your app

The first thing that you probably want to take a look at is if there are any other apps that do the same thing that you want yours to do.  If this is the case, focus on those things that these apps do not offer.  Your competitors’ users reviews are a great source of information of this type.

Find inspiration and designs.  Dribble is a good place to find the most awesome designs.  You will probably find this as a favorite place to get ideas.

Research on what are the technical requirements for your app to run.  Check out with experts if your ideas is feasible or not.  Make sure you are also covering all legal and copyright aspects.

Finally, think of the strategy you will be implementing to market and monetize your app.  Decide if you will offer the download for a price or if you will give it for free with ads.

Wireframe and Storyboard

The wireframe is the mockup of your app.  The storyboard will help you understand all the connections between buttons in your app.

Backend Structure

Your wireframe and storyboard are the foundations for your backend structure.  Modify these to meet technical limitations if any.

Test it

You will be testing your app many times.  On the initial stage, you will be testing your prototype.  Get some friends to test the app by giving them access to the wireframe.  Ask for an honest review and go back to the desk based on their feedback.

The next steps refer to finally building the backend of your app, to test it again, give it some skins, and launch.  It is a pretty exciting adventure but one that requires a lot of work.  Of course, the internet offers you tools that already make most of these steps for you.  All you have to do is input your information.

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