Complete Your Home Bar With a Kegerator

A home bar is not complete without the best kegerator installed in it. Kegs and coolers are just part and parcel of a modern home bar where friends and dates get to enjoy. If you want a home bar that rocks, it better be complete because if not, you’re better off going to a regular bar outside of your home.

For a craft beer enthusiast, there is nothing better than the sight of a fresh keg at home. And let’s face it, a pitcher is not a perfect thing to pour a beer from. There is a better way and you know it—buy a kegerator. This is the only way by which you can keep a good stash of craft beer and keep it fresh for a long time.

  1. Size and space—Some beer aficionados are too technical about this matter but let’s keep things simple here. You want to have a kegerator, but do you have a space for it in your home? The kegerator should at least be the size of a keg and that translates to three to four square feet of floor space. If you don’t have a space like that, then it’s not a good idea to buy a kegerator.
  2. Buy it or do it yourself—Now suppose you’ve found a space that’s accessible enough to put your keg on, the next thing that you need to consider are your options. How’s your budget? Buying a pre-fabricated kegerator is definitely more expensive than doing it yourself and making a kegerator out of a conversion kit. If you have the money, buying is the convenient way to go. If you want to do it yourself, do you have the time?
  3. Craft maintenance and balance—Having a kegerator at home is not like having to pour your craft beer in a pub. There, someone is maintaining the kegerator for you. If you have one at home, you have to maintain it yourself. You have to clean the beer lines with caustic cleaning agent after a couple of weeks of heavy use. To prevent beer stones from developing, you have to clean the lines with acid every three months. Why does it sound like having a dog? Well, because its close to having one and if you’re not up for the commitment, then it’s better to not have it.
  4. Kegs—Kegs of you favorite brews are not always available. Let’s face it. The purpose of having a kegerator is not to have some garden variety beer for yourself. You want a kegerator because you want to store some of your favorite brew.

While having a kegerator is the ultimate status symbol for beer enthusiasts, having it means that you have to maintain it. If you’re not up to the task, you better not start it and just buy your brew outside. But if you’re one of those stay at home buddies who would prefer to have everything you need inside your bat cave, then following these tips is the best way to go.