Create the perfect backyard patio

Looking for a new outdoor DIY project to get your hands dirty? Why not consider a backyard patio? These structures are highly durable and will be a great boost to the value of your property. This is a project that allows you to be very creative, some choose bricks with intricate designs while others go for a concrete slap that can then be shaped with designs while the concrete is still wet. Whatever idea you choose to go with this can be a very fulfilling job that will keep you busy for the summer.


Before you begin make sure you gather all the information so that you know what you’re doing. Take with a qualified masonry company if you’re unsure of the materials needed or how to go about it. They can do the whole thing for you but if you plan carefully you can pull this off yourself.


You can personalize your patio in an almost unlimited number of ways. Some like to add stones or other decretive effects. Buy a deck chair set with some lights to make a great dining area. A retractable awning in Vancouver is easy to find and a great thing to add which will also save you on energy costs.



Before you even start digging first take the time to carefully select an area. If you get a lot of rainwater then choose an area with a natural gradient to help with runoff. Ensure as well that there are no underground power or water lines where you plan to dig. Once you’re confident of where to dig, gather the needed materials.



  • Pre-mixed concrete
  • Automatic cement mixer
  • Four 2×6 boards to build the form
  • Rebar, wire
  • Protective clothing
  • Shovel
  • Gravel


Digging and Excavation

Once you have the area lined out, begin to dig a 6” layer. Lay a slight gradient as you dig to help with water runoff. Next, add your layer of gravel up to the first 2″. Place the form boards on the layer excavated. The form should be level with the ground. You can add small stones from around your garden to act as support for the rebar.



Places your rebar at even 2 feet intervals along the gravel. Tie them together with wiring. Next mix the concrete in an automatic mixer. Keep adding concrete and water until you have an even grey color that gives off a shine.


Begin poring the concrete from the area that is furthest from the mixer. Work your way back while adding small stones as you go. This is a crucial step so make sure you plan for it.


Finally, begin leveling off the surface using a screed. Pull it from end to the other and remove any excess concrete. Wait for a water layer to appear over the concrete. When this disappears again proceed with a float to even out any lumps. Finish off with a few design elements of your own. There are plenty of ideas to be found online.

You’ll next need to lay a plastic tarp over your concrete so that it can set properly. How long this takes will vary from each product so make sure you read any instructions carefully.

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5 gifts you can make for the woman in your life

In whatever occasion, we always wanted to give out gifts. And we often spend some time in finding and choosing what to give. What more if it’s for the best woman in your life? It should be something special and one of a kind. If you’re creative enough, you can actually make your own gift, personalized and definitely coming from the heart.

Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary or any other occasion, there are a lot of personalized gifts that you can make that will make her love you and appreciate you even more.

Gifts Ideas

In order to help you further, let’s check out some of the 5 gifts that you can make for her.

Love Scrapbook. If you are artistic enough, you can start making a cute scrapbook that will show your love journey. You can put all your memorabilia’s and lots of photos and captions. This, however, requires you to have a good memory of all your activity together. Nothing beats the feeling of having a man who remembers everything.

Playlist. You sure know your woman, most of all, what songs she likes. You can create a playlist for her and save it on a disc. You can even design the disc, putting something that will make her smile. You can even make the playlist even more romantic if you have an intro of you talking and saying sweet words for her.

Sweets Jar. Unless your woman doesn’t like sweets, then this shouldn’t work. But hey, women love sweets. In case you have a good hands in baking and cooking, you can bake some cookies and other sweet desserts and out them in a jar. Seal it and accent it with a card with a sweet message on it.

Rest time ticket. This is probably something that most women will love most, having a day of rest. You can give her a rest time tickets that she can use every month. Meaning, she will not be doing anything that day because you will all do everything, from cooking to throwing the garbage away.

Video. For those who know a lot of online and technical stuff, creating a tribute video for her would mean a lot. On that video, you can be creative by showing how much you love her and appreciate her. You can even record yourself in front of the camera saying the things that she’d really love.

When it comes to giving gifts for the woman of your life, it’s now always about the price. It’s more on the heart and effort you’ve put into it. You find her with the help of divine interventions, so you will definitely do everything that you can to make her feel special. Making these DIY gifts is far better than buying them from stores. It’s something that they can treasure forever.  So depending on what your woman loves, start thinking about what you can do to make her feel special and loved. Make a list of the possible gifts that you can give her and will make her the happiest woman in the world.


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DIY Toys for Your Pet Labradoodle

Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular due to their friendly nature and ways with the family.  The truth is that the sight of it makes you want to hug him.  Interestingly, this breed was brought about as a hypoallergenic solution.  So you have a dog that does not shed its coat too much and is friendly and playful.

We all know that playing is important for the right development of a dog.  Owners usually go a long way looking for the best toys to play with their dogs.  They make sure they are fun, beneficial, and safe.  Most of the time the price does not seem to make it to the list since owners usually do not spare money on these.  If you do need to watch what you spend your money on, then you might want to make your own toys for your labradoodle.

But first, let´s take a look at what kind of games will your labradoodle enjoy.  Naturally, these dogs have an enormous potential for playing.  Like any other dogs, they like all kinds of games that involve running, jumping, and fetching.  You do not really need toys for these, but if you would love to treat your dog with a nice toy, here are some DIY toys for your labradoodle.


Mostly, dogs go bananas for socks. Your labradoodle is no exception and they just love trying to tear it apart.  You can turn a simple sock into a fun and lasting toy for your pet.  Try inserting an empty bottle into the sock.   Tie the knot and give to your dog.  As a safety precaution, you might want to remove the cap from the bottle.


Balls make great toys for dogs.  They just love fetching or catching and chewing them.  Try the following idea:  Get a tennis ball and cover it with a fabric.  Use a fabric strip to tie a ribbon at the base.  You can cut the excess fabric into strips which you then turn into braids.  You can use any other rubber or bouncy old ball if you do not have access to a tennis one.


Empty bottles provide lots of fun for your labradoodle since chewing is one of the things they love most.  You can also wrap an empty bottle in fabric and tie it around with fabric. Just make sure the knots are strong enough.


How about freezing your dog´s toys and giving them something to lick. Just image all the fun they can get.  This is especially good for those hot days of summer.  Just put all toys into a pot and into the freezer. Just make sure the popsicle is not too big as they will give up pretty easily.

Treat puzzle 

This is a great one and it will be fun for your dog and for you to watch.  It basically is a ball with treats inside.  Your dog has to figure out how to open the ball to pull out the goodies. All you need is a tennis ball, a knife, and some treats.  Make openings to your tennis ball.  Cut it to make it easier or harder depending on your dog´s determination.  Stuff the treats and throw to the dog.

There are so many other ideas on how to have fun with your dog.  Go ahead and spend some valuable playing time with your labradoodle.  If you do not have one, you are missing out on a beautiful and most playable dog.  Go to the finest labradoodle breeder Ontario and pick your favorite.

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How to Safely and Efficiently Remove Asbestos from your House


Do you suspect that you have asbestos in your home? Why not submit your home for asbestos testing? In Vancouver, all you need to do is call a reliable professional asbestos tester. When the test returns positive, then it’s time to go for asbestos removal.

What to Do if You Have Asbestos in Your Home?

If you strongly believe that asbestos is present in your home, make sure not to touch it. It is a risk to the health of all living in your home if you disturb it and it produces dust. The dust contains asbestos fibers which are hazardous to the lungs.

Often times, asbestos materials in the home are only dangerous when it’s damaged. If it is still intact, you can leave it in place and replace it only when you see signs of deterioration. For example, if you have a ceiling that is made of asbestos materials but is coated with paint, it won’t post any problem as long as the pain is in good shape and the ceiling does not deteriorate.

To know if the material is still good, check for the following:

  • Is the material still in good condition? You can easily see it with bare eyes because it will show signs of deterioration.
  • Does it show signs of deterioration like chipping? Chipping happens when you hit the asbestos material with something hard. If the chipping is small, you can just seal it with glue or paint.
  • Does its current state still comply with the laws and safety procedures concerning asbestos?

If the answer to the following questions is no, then you should consider contacting an asbestos professional.

Again, avoid handling this situation yourself. The risk associated with handling this type of material is just too much and it far exceeds the benefits that you will get if you do it yourself. Although you can legally remove asbestos from your property, the risk is not worth it. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you better call the professionals.

What if You Accidentally Break Materials Containing Asbestos?

If you accidentally break materials containing asbestos, the best thing to do is to wipe yourself with a wet cloth. This will remove all the dust that may have gone to your body and can potentially cause harm. Cover your nose with a mask and remove the materials containing asbestos and throw it in the garbage bin.

You have to avoid using a normal vacuum cleaner because this cannot filter all the dust particles and it will release more asbestos particles in the air. When asbestos containing materials get cracked, make sure to seal it with paint or PVA glue. But if the damage is really significant, you have to remove the entire thing and replace it. Make sure to contact a professional to do it for you.

Do you have experience with asbestos? Why not share your thoughts in the comment section below?

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Make your own outdoor stone patio

Got some landscaping plan? And you want to have your own outdoor stone patio? That would mean a lot of work really. However, nothing is too hard as long as you have the right ideas and tools to begin with. For this one, let’s try to check some of the ways for you to be able to make your own outdoor stone patio the best way possible.


Getting Started

The main thing about building a stone patio is to have and concise plan about what you want to achieve. You can never create something great if you don’t have a goal to begin with. So in getting started make sure to make an actual design plan. That would mean knowing what pattern and style you want. There are so many easy to install patterns such as the running bond, which obviously doesn’t need special skills to do it.

Next is to consider the area. It is important that you know the exact parameter for the patio. A good start is to stake and mark the entire area. That way you will have the brief idea of the space that you need to cover. You should know that there would be a lot of cleaning, digging, excavating and filling jobs to do. So it is important that you already have a final measurement.

Then you have to start to check on where you are going to buy or get the stones that you are planning to use. You really need to shop around first for you to make proper comparisons, not only on the quality and types of the stones to use but most of all, the price.


Get the Job Done

After making all the necessary preparations, it’s time to get the job done. You have chosen the area, get the measurement, staked and got the stones that you want to use. What’s left is to make sure that you properly and securely install them. As mentioned, there might be some digging and filling works to do. So be ready for that. Unless you hire a Landscape Design Vancouver and let them do all these stuff?

So you start by laying the stone properly. This process needs you to wear some protective gloves, of course. That’s where you have to start following the pattern that you want. Remember to always start on the edges especially the ones neat a wall. Edges first going towards the middle. A lot of adjusting and moving needed. So better be patient with the process. You also need to use sand to adjust and the help of a rubber mallet.

If you are having a hard time keeping the stones aligned properly, you need to use some to keep them in place. At times, you will need to do some cutting jobs to adjust and fill in some smaller spot. Make sure that you have the idea about how to do it safely and properly. After laying everything in place, use a sand to fill in the small gaps between. For better bond, you’ll need to use polymeric. Make sure that everything is dry and in place.


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Make your own pellet gun targets

Shooting a pellet gun is fun activity itself.  Ah, but sometimes finding a good target out in the field can be a hard job.  So, how about you make your own targets.  It is fun and you will feel rewarded by the money you would have saved.  Let me share some ideas for homemade gun targets with you.

Characteristics of a good pellet gun target

You can also try with a pellet trap as a target.  Now, the main characteristics that any good pellet gun target must have include durability and versatility.

It has to be durable since it is going to get beaten constantly, unless, of course, you have a poor aim.  It must be versatile in that should allow shooting from different distances and angles.

It must be functional and long-lasting as well.  One great idea of a pellet trap is that they are silent.  This is a great option if you want to practice your shooting indoors.

The best material for pellet gun target

The truth is that it is your decision what material to use as target.  If you have gone to the carnival, you probably notice the background is made of cardboard.  You can perfectly make a target out of cardboard.  It has the advantage of being durable.

If you do not want to see the effects of the pellets on your target, you should go with iron or steel.  Use any object made of this metal and you should be good to go.  You can try using hanging spoons or cans.  They are actually fun to knock out.

We do not recommend using plastic, styrofoam or any other soft fabric.  Pellets may embed in them and make it nearly impossible to remove them.

Do it yourself

So when it comes to doing it yourself, pellet gun targets are not too difficult to make.  The ideas seem to be of limitless imagination.

If you want to make a trap, you can perfectly get a box, put some duct tape putty at the bottom and the target at the opening and you have yourself a silent pellet trap.

If you are lucky on budget, you can make your own cradle with different targets, even movable ones.   One novel idea was to put nails on a large stud.  Then push potatoes into the nails or screws.  Spray paint the potatoes just to make them look nicer.  There you have a nice target with biodegradable material.  And lots of fun too!

The rifle

Now, if you are looking for a great and versatile pellet gun to play with, I recommend the Gamo Silent cat air rifle.  Check it out and find out why it is the best rifle you could get.


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How to create your own simple app

A mobile app will help connect your business with your customers in a more efficient and practical way.  This is definitively the kind of leverage that you want.  Even though it might seem like complicated, creating your own simple app is easier than what you think.

We will take you know through some tools that can help you create your app.  You do not really need to have any knowledge on coding or app development.  All you need is the willingness to spend some time putting parts together until you produce a stunning product.

Set your goal

This is the part where you decide what is your app going to do and what concrete problem is it going to solve.  Setting a goal will help you get to the completion of your app easier.

Make a sketch

This is where you lay the foundation for your app’s interface.  Here you visualize the components and parts of your application and how these are going to be placed in your app.  A good sketch helps your team better visualize what it is that they are building.

Research everything regarding your app

The first thing that you probably want to take a look at is if there are any other apps that do the same thing that you want yours to do.  If this is the case, focus on those things that these apps do not offer.  Your competitors’ users reviews are a great source of information of this type.

Find inspiration and designs.  Dribble is a good place to find the most awesome designs.  You will probably find this as a favorite place to get ideas.

Research on what are the technical requirements for your app to run.  Check out with experts if your ideas is feasible or not.  Make sure you are also covering all legal and copyright aspects.

Finally, think of the strategy you will be implementing to market and monetize your app.  Decide if you will offer the download for a price or if you will give it for free with ads.

Wireframe and Storyboard

The wireframe is the mockup of your app.  The storyboard will help you understand all the connections between buttons in your app.

Backend Structure

Your wireframe and storyboard are the foundations for your backend structure.  Modify these to meet technical limitations if any.

Test it

You will be testing your app many times.  On the initial stage, you will be testing your prototype.  Get some friends to test the app by giving them access to the wireframe.  Ask for an honest review and go back to the desk based on their feedback.

The next steps refer to finally building the backend of your app, to test it again, give it some skins, and launch.  It is a pretty exciting adventure but one that requires a lot of work.  Of course, the internet offers you tools that already make most of these steps for you.  All you have to do is input your information.

If you would like a professionally-made app, you need the services of the top App Development Vancouver to assist you.

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