How Photography Will Help You Sell More Products Online

Online product photography is the best way to go when it comes to selling stuff.  But we are not talking about the photos you take with your cell phone’s camera.  We would not be writing about this if that were the case.

Now, our statement might sound too obvious.  It only makes sense that placing a photography of your product will go a long way to your selling efforts.  However, we will be focusing on how to make your product be stunningly displayed on the online market.

Why use online product photography?

For starters, even when online purchasing has increased over the years, it is still necessary to build some trust in the process.  If you are going to sell a product, people will be very interested in knowing what the product looks like.  A very nice and honest online product photography will help.

If possible, place a little not too many photos of your product.  Placing a fair amount should give buyers a clear idea of what your product is about.

The internet is pretty visual.  Web users seek to have their senses stimulated. The first ones to get the information coming from a computer are the eyes.  Providing such stimulus in a nice way taps into this visual need.  Let alone when it comes to a product they might be interested in.

How to do online product photography

Some tips when using photography:

  • Let the photo speak for itself.  Try to capture as many benefits of the product as you can in one photo.  Go beyond just placing a photo of the product over a table.  If it is roller skates that you are selling, place pictures of them in action.  Hire models to wear the dresses you have for sale.  Show the spaces and benefits of living in a property.  Create as much impact as possible.
  • Be completely honest.  One of the many mistakes sellers do when placing pictures is lying to people.  For instance, if you sell cakes, deliver what you show on pictures.  Do you think customers will ever buy you a cake if you cheat on them about what they saw online compared to what they got?
  • Tell a story.  Your photos should have a life of their own and be able to speak to the audience.
  • Don´t mislead. Going back to cakes, if you display a photo of one on a nice tray, make sure it is clear that the tray is not included (unless it is).  This does not mean you should not place a tray if it will help your cake look more stylish.

Hire a professional

If what you want is to cause a meaningful impact then we recommend you hiring professional photographers.  If you are selling craft products or real estate, is a great choice.  Expert photographers will take care of those details we usually overlook.

Show off how serious you are about your business and get some professional online product photography.


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Why Storage Solutions Are Necessary for Construction Companies

download-13 download-14

Construction companies need to consider the safety of materials while a project is ongoing that’s why they consider storage in Kamloops essential to their business. Los Rios Storage offers solutions to construction companies so that they can store their materials safely while their projects are ongoing. The storage can vary depending on the needs of the clients, it can be long term or short term. Since discounts can be arrange when availing for bulk storage, this is a highly cost effective solution for your tools and materials. This will help you keep your overhead low and keep your budget in check while the project is ongoing.

Storing Construction Materials in Kamloops

Small to medium size construction companies often don’t have their own storage units for materials and tools. If this is your case, you can potentially violate the Health and Safety Law and put people in dangers when your construction materials are not stored properly. You also need to keep your site clean and safe for those who are working on it. So if you have bricks, sands, lumber and machinery on site, without proper storage, you can expect all sorts of problem to occur and thereby impeding the progress of the work. This can mean loss and therefore, you have to get a good storage solution.

Storage for Contractors

Most contractors work out of their trucks because they don’t have an actual office space or a warehouse to store their tools, equipment and materials. Having a rented centralized storage facility near your project saves time and money when you need to transport materials and equipment. Again, here you can see the cost cutting advantage of renting a good storage facility.

You can also rest assured that your materials are secured at the storage facility. Los Rios Storage is equipped with computerized gate entry and CCTV surveillance system that ensures your stuff are well protected while you are away.

Tips in Storing Tools

When storing small tools, you need to put them in plastic bins to protect them from dust, dirt and natural elements. This will greatly extend their longevity allowing you to use them for extended period and get your investment’s worth. The bins will also allow you to maximize your space in the storage unit because its easier to stack them. Its also easier to carry bins to your truck to your construction site. Make sure to label storage bins so that you won’t have a difficult time locating your tools when the time comes that you need them.

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Easy Landscape Design For Your Own Backyard

Parterre2Creating a landscape design can be a very hard task, even for professionals, much less anyone who does it on their own. This project gets even harder once you try to factor in a budget that doesn’t really allow you some headroom for a lot of options in the elements and materials that you can use.

Small budget landscaping requires simple and creative ideas, as well as, enough knowledge about design to be able to pull it off. It can cause apprehension on your part thinking about it, but, don’t worry too much because many DIY people have done and shared it online.

A very popular story was that one by Di Zock, a producer based in Hollywood. She was able to design an office, dining area, and shed in her small backyard. With a lot of patience and some slipcovers and paint, her work came out beautifully and it cost her less than $3,000.

Many backyard owners use the space as a garden for family. But you can add design elements to it and feature it as a beautiful part of the house with a little work. This small project can last up to two weeks depending on the kind of design you’re building.Building_a_swingset

Shopping for materials can also take longer than expected because you small landscape budget would limit you to closing-out sales and scouring thrift shops that already have limited options. However, approaching your materials shopping creatively can lead you to create unique design elements by combining scrap materials together.

It won’t always come out perfectly at first. You have to commit to try to mix and match and work with what you got. If you’re successful in doing so, the personal touch you added to your work can be just what you need to create an original landscape design.

For starters, it would be great to find landscape design/s you like to take inspiration from online. Take the elements you like and interpret it in your own design. It doesn’t matter if it was a high budget project. Use your imagination to reimagine them with the low-cost materials you’re using.

When you go scouring for materials to use for your landscaping you might come across some materials that you like but you don’t have any idea how it’d fit in your initial plans. If it fits your budget, go ahead and buy it anyway. The fact that you chose it means it fits your personality and since your design should have a personal touch you can incorporate it later on once everything comes together.

Design items like pots and cans can be bought for the cheap if you buy them from junk shops or on sale. Just splash some paint on them and they’ll look like new. Make them look like they were made for your own backyard.

A space should have a beautiful flooring to act as a base for the design and you can search for recycled rugs that would make your design stand out or you can make your own using used materials. Dress up your backyard the right way.

Don’t forget to add your own ideas in certain elements of the landscaping. Think of using unique nursery boxes, used tiles, and other plant decorations to add a personal touch. Allow yourself to be imaginative and creative to glam out your home in your own way.

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DIY Toys for Your Pet Labradoodle

Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular due to their friendly nature and ways with the family.  The truth is that the sight of it makes you want to hug him.  Interestingly, this breed was brought about as a hypoallergenic solution.  So you have a dog that does not shed its coat too much and is friendly and playful.

We all know that playing is important for the right development of a dog.  Owners usually go a long way looking for the best toys to play with their dogs.  They make sure they are fun, beneficial, and safe.  Most of the time the price does not seem to make it to the list since owners usually do not spare money on these.  If you do need to watch what you spend your money on, then you might want to make your own toys for your labradoodle.

But first, let´s take a look at what kind of games will your labradoodle enjoy.  Naturally, these dogs have an enormous potential for playing.  Like any other dogs, they like all kinds of games that involve running, jumping, and fetching.  You do not really need toys for these, but if you would love to treat your dog with a nice toy, here are some DIY you can make yourself with stuff laying around the house.


Mostly, dogs go bananas for socks. Your labradoodle is no exception and they just love trying to tear it apart.  You can turn a simple sock into a fun and lasting toy for your pet.  Try inserting an empty bottle into the sock.   Tie the knot and give to your dog.  As a safety precaution, you might want to remove the cap from the bottle.


Balls make great toys for dogs.  They just love fetching or catching and chewing them.  Try the following idea:  Get a tennis ball and cover it with a fabric.  Use a fabric strip to tie a ribbon at the base.  You can cut the excess fabric into strips which you then turn into braids.  You can use any other rubber or bouncy old ball if you do not have access to a tennis one.


Empty bottles provide lots of fun for your labradoodle since chewing is one of the things they love most.  You can also wrap an empty bottle in fabric and tie it around with fabric. Just make sure the knots are strong enough.


How about freezing your dog´s toys and giving them something to lick. Just image all the fun they can get.  This is especially good for those hot days of summer.  Just put all toys into a pot and into the freezer. Just make sure the popsicle is not too big as they will give up pretty easily.

Treat puzzle 

This is a great one and it will be fun for your dog and for you to watch.  It basically is a ball with treats inside.  Your dog has to figure out how to open the ball to pull out the goodies. All you need is a tennis ball, a knife, and some treats.  Make openings to your tennis ball.  Cut it to make it easier or harder depending on your dog´s determination.  Stuff the treats and throw to the dog.

There are so many other ideas on how to have fun with your dog.  Go ahead and spend some valuable playing time with your labradoodle.  If you do not have one, you are missing out on a beautiful and most playable dog.  Go to the finest labradoodle breeder Ontario and pick your favorite.

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Home-Renos to improve the value of your home

When you have planned on putting your house out there in the market, you bring down all your efforts to make your home appealing.  You might invest a little on making your house feel like a home to your potential buyers.  Many times, it feels like you have to make a major investment that proves to be not worth it as they do not really increase the value of your house.  There are, however, some renovations that you could do to your house to make it more interesting to your clients.  Will you invest on them?  Certainly. Are they necessary?  Probably.

Your front yard

Needless to say, this is the first place your clients will look at before entering your home.  So you must make it look pristine.  The great thing is that keeping your yard looking fresh and alive is actually inexpensive.  Your house’s front yard is your presentation letter and it provides information to clients about the type of house you are holding.  Make yourself proud by giving you front yard a makeover.  You can buy plant pots and some plants in stores at cheap prices.   Devote some time in cleaning and giving your plants regular maintenance.

Bathroom Enhancing

No need to go too crazy here either.  You can clean up and scrub.  Maybe you might want to add and/or replace some fixtures.  If needed, brighten it up with a new hand of paint or with a cute wallpaper.  Just make sure the place shines and looks bright and tidy.

The Kitchen rules

If you want to make a good selling of your house, the kitchen is fundamental.  You might notice that when you get visited by clients, one of the first things (if not the first one) they will want to take a look at is the kitchen.  This is where are the magical concoctions take place after all.  It is like the happiest place of the house.  Most electronic appliances are located there and people want to know that they can allocate their own appliances there and where.  Sharpen up the tap, the sink, the floor, the island if you have one.  Most people love stainless steel in the kitchen so you make sure you have those there.

Now, here is a tricky one and one in which you might want to put some major investment.  In doing so, make sure the kitchen is not only a happy place to be at but also a practical one.  Can you flow from the stove to the sink, the refrigerator, and back and forth without tripping with a stool or any other appliance?

Brighten it up

Lighting is important to a house.  Some people like it pretty bright and some other like it a bit dim.  Most want to be able to control it. So, give people the option to choose.  Throw in some extra lights to the most important spots in your house.


Most home improvement experts will recommend you to update your plumbing.  Especially if your pipes are a bit old and are growing rusty, you must consider changing them.  Those clients who pay close attention to details will notice this pretty fast.


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Designing Your Home So It’s Easier to Clean

I’m going to try to post this.

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The Best DIY Furniture Ideas For You


Buying new pieces of furniture can be very costly. Instead of going for a loan to acquire new furniture you can create your own using the locally available materials. However, before you think of the same you need to know some of the best furniture designs on the market so that you do not end up with something odd. In our discussion below, we have outlined for you some of the best DIY furniture ideas that will help you greatly.

DIY-BookcaseThe DIY bookcase

The pottery Barn inspired bookcase features modified bottoms for easy storage of books. To design it you have to begin by cutting a pure bond into the 15  inches boards. To come up with the curvy top you can scrap a piece of wood and then proceed to cut it out with the help of a jigsaw. After that, you can use the template to design different patterns on each of the four sides of the bookcase. For the shelf support, use the gorilla wood and some finish nails to fix them. In addition, instead of rounding its front part, cut them at an angle of 45 degrees. In case you are using plywood then you will have a rough edge at the end of the process. You can make the edges smooth by banding then iron out before cutting out the extra piece. Once you through then you have a permanent solution to your storage problem.

The coffee table DIY

diy-coffee-table-accessoriesI saw the coffee table DIY at my brother’s house and I must say it was quite very elegant. Start by making small holes on the bottom of your table. You can design the 1  inches pocket holes while for the 1 x 3 slats you can have  inches pocket holes. Adjusting the kreg jig would not be a difficult task once you have made the holes at the right place. Attach the top slats with the help of a Ryobi Brad Nailer. The last step involves finishing where you can stain the table with any of your favorite colors. As you do ensure that, it complements the other pieces of furniture within your house to maintain that attractive look.

A magnetic board to act as the student’s desk

DSC_0005The modification of a magnetic board to form a student’s desk will definitely add value to your home. Begin by cutting two galvanized metal sheets to obtain two equal halves. In case the sheets have wrinkled edges place them on a hutch so that edges with wrinkles lie at the top and then nail its trim to have them covered completely. Up to this point, your board can act as a desk for studies.

In Summary, DIY furniture can enable you to live comfortably even with a low income. Most of these pieces of furniture apply materials within the locality and designing them is easy. You can modify different furniture to serve more than one purposes. For example, you can have the television stand acting as a bookshelf. Apart from the ideas outlined above, you can check on our website for more information on DIY furniture-refresh your old ideas or build completely new furniture.

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