Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

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Is not the dream to one day buy a lottery ticket, hit the jackpot, win a $102 million price and not have to worry about anything?  Well, you can do that.  Just keep in mind that winning that kind of money through lottery does not require any skill at all.  All you need to be is lucky….VERY lucky!

Just to give you an idea, your odds of hitting the popular Mega Millions multi-state lottery are 1 in 175,711,536.  That is a one in an almost $176 million chance to win.  Obviously, the odds are not in your favor in this one.

But you really need the money and the 9-to-5 is not cutting it anymore.  Your dead-end job is slowly sucking the life out of you and you are tired of getting up at the same a.m. every day.  Luckily for you, the Internet not provides for several ways to make money, serious money.

Now, although these methods are legitimate and can get you some real money, we will rule out anything that has to do with stripping in front of a camera, selling illegal stuff, or gambling.  We will show you real and decent ways of making the cash flow straight into your bank account.  The best part is that all you need is a computer, Internet, and a masseuse.   Ok, you can spare the masseuse at least until you make enough money to afford one.

Some Thoughts

Now, a short word of warning before we start with these three legitimate ideas.  Make sure that whatever site you enter in to participate in their money-making business is verifiable.  If you are required to enter an account or credit card number, make sure this site is protected by HTTPS.

There are too many fad ads out there that promise you to cash in a real loot.  These are usually sites that will require for you to enter your information and they are actually subscriptions to your phone.  That being said, guide yourself by the following premise:  If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

If a money-making program promises to earn $400/day, it is probably a phony.  There are two options here:  You can probably earn that, but that is the “up to”, meaning that the site is suggesting that if you dedicate years to it, you will end up getting that amount of money.  The other option can be that it is only inflating numbers in order for them to appear more appealing.

Ok, now that we have cleared the air there, let’s go to our list of easy ways to make money from home.

Make Money with What You Have

I will be including here two very simple ways of using what you already have to cash in real money.  If you have a car, use it to ride other people or even for a rental.  There are several ways to make money with your car.  Now before you decide, factor in depreciation of your car against potential income.

The most known way of making money with your car is Uber.  But there are other services such as MyFreeCar.com, BrandYourCar, Lyft, RelayRide, and FlightCar that will also pay you for using your car.

The second way of cashing in is by listing and extra room with AirBNB.  This works if you have an extra room or if you are traveling for a week or so.  You can make money with that extra room or your entire home.

Do Online Surveys

Companies worldwide want to hear your opinion on their products and they are willing to pay you for it.  There are several legitimate surveys for money out there to help you cash in some bucks.  You do not need any experience, you can do it while you are performing other activities and at whatever time you want.

Start a Blog

Is there something you love to do and would like to help others get the hang of it?  There are people out there who want to hear your expertise.  You can monetize your blog when it generates enough traffic through Google AdWords or any other type of publicity.  There are several other ways to monetize your blog that you can try.

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How to Install Your Own Blinds

Installing window blinds can get a bit confusing. But if you follow these simple steps, you should not have any problem. Of course, the other option is to have somebody else do the job for you.  But why not save some bank and do the job yourself.

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Connor, who owns a blinds company in Calgary told us that the process of blinds installation is actually easier than one might think and, the best part, doing it by yourself saves you some dollars.

Getting Started

Blinds usually come with an instructor’s manual for easy installation.  Read this manual carefully before installing.  The required skills for installing this really come down to if you know how to screw or not.   It is a very simple process that can be done by anyone.

All you will need for this job is an electronic screwdriver (or a regular one) and some screws, which usually come with the blinds.

Here’s What You Do

  1. Insert the cube-shaped brackets int the inside corners of your window.  One of the two open ends must face outward and the other one towards the other corner of the window.
  2. Fit in the blinds unit so that the string parts are facing towards the room.
  3. As directed by the manual, attach the long plastic wand to the blind controller.
  4. Now comes the process of shortening the blinds to fit the length of your window.  Drop the blinds in order for them to hang as far as they go.  Remove the plastic retaining tabs from the bottom piece.  Slide out the larger bottom and cut it to the desired length.  Place the plastic retaining back under the last rung.


Blinds come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  There are some blinds that actually are shades, draperies, or shutters. The processes to install each one of them vary slightly among types but the essentials are basically the same.


Once your blinds are installed you must be mindful of the accumulation of dirt in them. Dust is pretty easy for it to get into the runners in your blinds.

Periodic cleaning will be necessary to keep these blinds intact.  Make sure the strings are not within the reach of children.

How to use your Brand New Blinds

Blinds are very useful when you want to completely cover all that light that strikes through the window very early in the morning.  But you notice that the material they are made of is not too strong or sturdy.  That is because they were meant to resemble drapes and look not too firm.

But this also means that you should give them proper maintenance by cleaning them periodically and with non-abrasive solvents.

As with installation, always include a safety bolt that you attach to the wall to avoid little children getting entangled in it.  Try not to force the blinds when rolling them up or having them fall down. Pay attention to any installation detail you might catch and have your family treat them nicely.



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How to Make Your Own Beer Pong Table

We got you a new amazing DIY project to make your backyard even more manly.  Because who didn’t play beer pong at parties in college?  Introducing the DIY beer pong table.  Wait, actually, this is a DIY beer pong table for cheap.

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You are probably thinking right now that probably any table will do.  But then, what is the fun in that?  This tradition and cultural activity requires an element build specifically for it.  The game deserves it.  So let’s get our hands ready to build a beer pong table.

Next thing to come to mind is, why not just buy it?  You can find them an actual low price, right?  Yes, you probably can, but usually, a low price tag comes with low quality.  In the end, you might wind up paying more money for repairs.  So, let’s just get it right from the beginning.

The Real Beer Pong Table

You probably played the game at a frat party back in college.  Back then, they’d just set up a ping-pong table with cups and all and game on!

Now, did you know that the beer pong table has official dimensions and that there is even a tournament?  Yes, so if you want to really nail it in your backyard, you oughta get those dimensions straight.

The official dimensions of a table are  8′ x 2′ x 27.5″.  Some tables in the market might add a couple more inches to the 27.5″.  There are even official dimensions for the cups, but let’s not push it too far at risking the fun.

What You Will Need

These are the materials you might need:

  • A piece of plywood (8×4).  This should not be too expensive.  If the retailer offers a price any higher than $20, tell them you need it for a beer pong and that you do not need fine quality wood.
  • Saw
  • Duct tape.
  • Waterproof sealant.
  • Paintbrush

You can perfectly use an old table for this one.  All you need to do is saw off the plywood board unto the appropriate size.  Place it on the table, which ideally should not relatively be too small to avoid tipping over.

You must secure the board to the table.  Use some duct tape to do this.  Make sure that the board is perfectly flat on the table.  If you will no longer use this old table for anything else but beer pong, then you might probably just nail the board to it.

Now, you need your board to be waterproof, otherwise, it will damage from humidity and beer that might fall on it.  Apply some waterproof sealant, paint, or stain and apply with the paintbrush.  Wait until the sealant is completely dry before using your table.

Let the Ball Pong!

Now, the above DIY is the simplest one you can make.  It is fast and it does not require too many tools.  Now, of course, you can always build your own foldable that will require a circular saw, nails, and a lot more stuff.

We just think that, if you want to keep it easy and fast, cheaper is probably better.  Now get those cups and ping-pong balls and break it down in that party.

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Create the Perfect Backyard Patio

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Creating the perfect backyard has to do not only with physical elements but it is also connected to your needs and the amount of space you have.  It must be functional, versatile, well ventilated.  Many times, when we think of a backyard, we think of the summertime.   But you should probably also think of the other seasons and how to build your yard in such a way that it works then too.

When it comes to decorating your backyard (because a perfect backyard has a nice decoration), you can also add an important element of functionality too.  Let’s take a look at some of the important considerations for a perfect backyard patio.

Find Your Design

The first step in creating your new backyard patio is to have a design.  This makes it easier for you to make purchases and adjustments based on what you like.   Plus, it saves you time in thinking what to put where at the moment of the renovation.   You can find beautiful designs and DIY ideas online.  Just be prepared ahead of time.

Look for Secluded Areas

There are some areas in your backyard that are probably unutilized.  You can easily turn these spots into a welcoming space.  All you actually need to do is place some gravel or some other type of floor where you can place some furniture.

Make it Warm and Cozy

If you want a place where you can lay back to read a book or have a conversation with a good friend, you basically need a few cushy chairs and a table for drinks and books.   Add bushes and plants and a running fountain, you will have a cozy spot you will not want to leave.

A patio is this place where you can escape from everyday hectic motion.  Making it warm and welcoming is therefore important.  You might want to use pastel colors for furniture and decorating elements.  Also, keep these elements, like chairs and tables, weather-proof so that it all stays low-maintenance.

Use What You Have

You can still create a nice place without going off the charts.  Repurpose some things that you might definitively have in your garage.  You can turn an old couch into a cushioned seat on your patio.  Even a bunch of concrete bricks can be turned into a nice sofa.

Creativity here plays a role as you can use it to create spaces that speak of home.  Unusual elements in a patio are actually pretty cool.

Make it Work During All Seasons

A functional backyard patio works well during all four seasons.  For example, during the summer, you want to enjoy the nice sun with shades.  But you also want to have some space to drink a cup of coffee say, during spring.

We talked to Aaron from Element Reno who mentions that a perfect way of creating this functionality is through retractable awnings.  They are pretty functional, versatile, and surprisingly easy to install and use.   They do not require much maintenance and are perfect for a back porch.  This provides an easy adaptation of your patio to many conditions, especially weather.

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Create the perfect backyard patio

Looking for a new outdoor DIY project to get your hands dirty? Why not consider a backyard patio? These structures are highly durable and will be a great boost to the value of your property. This is a project that allows you to be very creative, some choose bricks with intricate designs while others go for a concrete slap that can then be shaped with designs while the concrete is still wet. Whatever idea you choose to go with this can be a very fulfilling job that will keep you busy for the summer.


Before you begin make sure you gather all the information so that you know what you’re doing. Take with a qualified masonry company if you’re unsure of the materials needed or how to go about it. They can do the whole thing for you but if you plan carefully you can pull this off yourself.


You can personalize your patio in an almost unlimited number of ways. Some like to add stones or other decretive effects. Buy a deck chair set with some lights to make a great dining area. A retractable awning in Vancouver is easy to find and a great thing to add which will also save you on energy costs.



Before you even start digging first take the time to carefully select an area. If you get a lot of rainwater then choose an area with a natural gradient to help with runoff. Ensure as well that there are no underground power or water lines where you plan to dig. Once you’re confident of where to dig, gather the needed materials.



  • Pre-mixed concrete
  • Automatic cement mixer
  • Four 2×6 boards to build the form
  • Rebar, wire
  • Protective clothing
  • Shovel
  • Gravel


Digging and Excavation

Once you have the area lined out, begin to dig a 6” layer. Lay a slight gradient as you dig to help with water runoff. Next, add your layer of gravel up to the first 2″. Place the form boards on the layer excavated. The form should be level with the ground. You can add small stones from around your garden to act as support for the rebar.



Places your rebar at even 2 feet intervals along the gravel. Tie them together with wiring. Next mix the concrete in an automatic mixer. Keep adding concrete and water until you have an even grey color that gives off a shine.


Begin poring the concrete from the area that is furthest from the mixer. Work your way back while adding small stones as you go. This is a crucial step so make sure you plan for it.


Finally, begin leveling off the surface using a screed. Pull it from end to the other and remove any excess concrete. Wait for a water layer to appear over the concrete. When this disappears again proceed with a float to even out any lumps. Finish off with a few design elements of your own. There are plenty of ideas to be found online.

You’ll next need to lay a plastic tarp over your concrete so that it can set properly. How long this takes will vary from each product so make sure you read any instructions carefully.

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5 gifts you can make for the woman in your life

In whatever occasion, we always wanted to give out gifts. And we often spend some time in finding and choosing what to give. What more if it’s for the best woman in your life? It should be something special and one of a kind. If you’re creative enough, you can actually make your own gift, personalized and definitely coming from the heart.

Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary or any other occasion, there are a lot of personalized gifts that you can make that will make her love you and appreciate you even more.

Gifts Ideas

In order to help you further, let’s check out some of the 5 gifts that you can make for her.

Love Scrapbook. If you are artistic enough, you can start making a cute scrapbook that will show your love journey. You can put all your memorabilia’s and lots of photos and captions. This, however, requires you to have a good memory of all your activity together. Nothing beats the feeling of having a man who remembers everything.

Playlist. You sure know your woman, most of all, what songs she likes. You can create a playlist for her and save it on a disc. You can even design the disc, putting something that will make her smile. You can even make the playlist even more romantic if you have an intro of you talking and saying sweet words for her.

Sweets Jar. Unless your woman doesn’t like sweets, then this shouldn’t work. But hey, women love sweets. In case you have a good hands in baking and cooking, you can bake some cookies and other sweet desserts and out them in a jar. Seal it and accent it with a card with a sweet message on it.

Rest time ticket. This is probably something that most women will love most, having a day of rest. You can give her a rest time tickets that she can use every month. Meaning, she will not be doing anything that day because you will all do everything, from cooking to throwing the garbage away.

Video. For those who know a lot of online and technical stuff, creating a tribute video for her would mean a lot. On that video, you can be creative by showing how much you love her and appreciate her. You can even record yourself in front of the camera saying the things that she’d really love.

When it comes to giving gifts for the woman of your life, it’s now always about the price. It’s more on the heart and effort you’ve put into it. You find her with the help of divine interventions, so you will definitely do everything that you can to make her feel special. Making these DIY gifts is far better than buying them from stores. It’s something that they can treasure forever.  So depending on what your woman loves, start thinking about what you can do to make her feel special and loved. Make a list of the possible gifts that you can give her and will make her the happiest woman in the world.


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DIY Toys for Your Pet Labradoodle

Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular due to their friendly nature and ways with the family.  The truth is that the sight of it makes you want to hug him.  Interestingly, this breed was brought about as a hypoallergenic solution.  So you have a dog that does not shed its coat too much and is friendly and playful.

We all know that playing is important for the right development of a dog.  Owners usually go a long way looking for the best toys to play with their dogs.  They make sure they are fun, beneficial, and safe.  Most of the time the price does not seem to make it to the list since owners usually do not spare money on these.  If you do need to watch what you spend your money on, then you might want to make your own toys for your labradoodle.

But first, let´s take a look at what kind of games will your labradoodle enjoy.  Naturally, these dogs have an enormous potential for playing.  Like any other dogs, they like all kinds of games that involve running, jumping, and fetching.  You do not really need toys for these, but if you would love to treat your dog with a nice toy, here are some DIY toys for your labradoodle.


Mostly, dogs go bananas for socks. Your labradoodle is no exception and they just love trying to tear it apart.  You can turn a simple sock into a fun and lasting toy for your pet.  Try inserting an empty bottle into the sock.   Tie the knot and give to your dog.  As a safety precaution, you might want to remove the cap from the bottle.


Balls make great toys for dogs.  They just love fetching or catching and chewing them.  Try the following idea:  Get a tennis ball and cover it with a fabric.  Use a fabric strip to tie a ribbon at the base.  You can cut the excess fabric into strips which you then turn into braids.  You can use any other rubber or bouncy old ball if you do not have access to a tennis one.


Empty bottles provide lots of fun for your labradoodle since chewing is one of the things they love most.  You can also wrap an empty bottle in fabric and tie it around with fabric. Just make sure the knots are strong enough.


How about freezing your dog´s toys and giving them something to lick. Just image all the fun they can get.  This is especially good for those hot days of summer.  Just put all toys into a pot and into the freezer. Just make sure the popsicle is not too big as they will give up pretty easily.

Treat puzzle 

This is a great one and it will be fun for your dog and for you to watch.  It basically is a ball with treats inside.  Your dog has to figure out how to open the ball to pull out the goodies. All you need is a tennis ball, a knife, and some treats.  Make openings to your tennis ball.  Cut it to make it easier or harder depending on your dog´s determination.  Stuff the treats and throw to the dog.

There are so many other ideas on how to have fun with your dog.  Go ahead and spend some valuable playing time with your labradoodle.  If you do not have one, you are missing out on a beautiful and most playable dog.  Go to the finest labradoodle breeder Ontario and pick your favorite.

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